Alcohol Detox Shots are alcohol beverages that has detox additives to cleanser your colon and help with weight loss. We suggest only one shot a day, no more than two shots. Please do not comsume more than two a day. Our prdoucts come as a set of three, seven, fourteen in 4oz containers. You can drink product cold or warm. You must 21 and older to consume this drink. We are not resposible for misuse or abuse to this product, please drink responsibly. Our company has six flavors you can choose from Sangria 14%, Moscato14%, and Long Island 38%, Mudslide 24%, Strawberry 22%, Mango 22%. Shake Well before Drinking 3 for 12.99 7 for 34.99 14 for 64.99 No Return or Exchange.. All Sale Final

Alcohol Detox Shots

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