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Green Tea Butt Enhancer Cream

Kaotic Von

Green Tea Butt Enhancer Cream

Fish oil has seen pretty big popularity in the health scene over the last decade. Fish oil contains both EPA & DHA forms of the healthy fatty acid known as Omega 3. Since omega 3 is an essential fatty acid; it therefore cannot be produced by the human body.

Omega 3 has been though to prevent and aid in many diseases, injuries, and issues within the body. It is typically recommended as a daily essential for these reasons.

Such benefits have included, improved memory, cognitive function, cardiovascular health, reducing inflammation, anti-aging, improved fat burning and many many more.

Now that you know a little about both of these ingredients, lets now discuss if they actually help you get a bigger butt.
Mixing the Two Together for Butt Growth

There is not a lot of hard logic on why these two products should be mixed together for buttocks growth. However the common reasoning is that fish oil is liquid fat, and vitamin E has been assumed to have many skin benefiting properties with collagen and elasticity.

Applied topically it is assumed that the fat from vitamin e will be absorbed into the butt and cause the buttocks to grow plumper and fatter. While the vitamin e will help with firmness and smoothness.

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