Step One- Cleanser the  toxic area with body washStep Two- Scrub the toxic area with discoloration scrubStep Three- Derma roll the area for 30 second. This will help the active ingredients penetrate in the dermis of the skin. Step Four- Apply the Germ Attacker to the area. Allow the solution to penetrate for 1-3 minutes. Then rinse the area with water thoroughlyYou will feel a burning sensation; it’s absolutely normal. The germ attacker is killing the bacteria that causes HIdradenitis Suppurativa.Step Five- Apply the Kaotic Acid to the toxic area for 1-3 minutes.  Rinse with water thoroughly.You will feel a burning sensation due to the acid penetrating deep into the dermis of the skin.Do not allow the acid sit no longer than three minutes. Step Six- Apply the Repair Oil to the area throughout the day. The oil is a barrier blockage. Protect any friction from touching your skin. It’s very important to keep this area oiled daily.Repeat these steps once every three weeks.

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Kaotic Von has created a Cleansing Treatment meant to help reduce/minimize the discomfort that accompanies HS. In no way shape or form does Kaotic Von represent this Cleansing Treatment as a cure for HS. With proper & regular use of Kaotic Von HS Cleansing Treatment our hope is to help you minimize your daily pain/suffering so you can feel more confident and get back to your regular activities. 

HS Prevention Kit

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