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1. Start with clean and dry skin: Ensure that the area where you plan to apply the body butter stick is clean and dry. This will help the product absorb better into your skin.

2. Uncap the body butter stick: Remove the cap from the body butter stick to expose the product.

3. Apply the stick: Gently glide the body butter stick over the desired area of your skin. You can apply it directly to areas such as elbows, knees, hands, or any other areas that need moisturizing and fragrance.

4. Rotate the stick: After applying the body butter stick, you can use your fingers to rotate it slightly. This helps release more of the product onto your skin.

5. Massage into the skin: With your fingers, start massaging the body butter into your skin in a circular motion. Continue massaging until the product is fully absorbed. This will help hydrate your skin and spread the fragrance..

6. Reapply as needed: Depending on your preference and the level of hydration you desire, you can reapply the body butter stick as needed throughout the day. It's a convenient way to keep your skin moisturized and smelling great.

7. Cap the stick: After each use, make sure to put the cap back on the body butter stick to keep it protected and to prevent it from drying out.

Enjoy the moisturizing and fragrant benefits of your body butter stick!

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