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Pretty Lips is a homemade All Natural product. It is made with natural lightening ingredients to exfoliate the dark areas from your lips. Some ingredients we added are Lemon for all natural lightening, Brown Sugar for exfoliation, Coco Oil for softness, Glycerine for moisturizing, and Mother Apple Cider Vinegar for lightening. We also added a few more add-on ingredients for lightening. Our containers are one ounce to assure you’re getting the desired amount to lighten your lips. 


Product Application: 

Pretty Lips is recommened to use 2x a day, apply the product on your lips and exfoliate with a toothbrush or an exfoliating sponge (especially if your lips have been dark for more than 3 years). Wipe off the product after you have exfoliated the area with a warm cloth. 


***Results will vary***

Pretty Lips Discoloration Scrub

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